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Auxilia Electric Propulsion

RTN started his activity at the end of 1960 giving assistance to his customers and helping them to find the most efficient and innovative propulsive solution able to satisfy the needs of owners, shipyard and designers. In the decades, the experience increased also thanks to the partnership with some of the most important international leaders in the naval sector for the propulsion systems, hydrodynamics and mechanics.

RTN supplied hundreds of vessels of any type and size with propellers, shafts, reverse-reduction gearboxes, rudders, tunnel thrusters etc… These vessels sails the seas with the complete satisfaction of their owners and shipyards. In 2008 the experience gained, brought RTN to the ideation and realization of a new electric-hybrid propulsion system. The first design has been done with one of the biggest shipyard in the world and, very soon, a brand new trademark has been registered under the name “Auxilia Electric Propulsion” that identifies this technology all around the globe.

There are few patents that protect the intellectual property of the system. Besides the auxiliary electric propulsion (hybrid) there was a natural step into the diesel-electric propulsion (full electric) always taking care about the solutions that has to be technologically “a l’avant-garde”. 


The Big Five


  • significantly CO 2 and NOx reduction
  • zero Emissions with batteries
  • minimal emissions with gensets


  • no noise and vibrations during the night
  • night cruising in full comfort


  • cruising until 10 knots with excellent fuel economy
  • economic navigation with “e-shaft mode” (two propellers with only one engine running).


  • easy installation
  • turn-key system


  • easy dynamic position mode (DP) especially with FPP
  • patrolling at low and very low speed (below idle engine speed) with excellent fuel economy