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oceanic 120 3

Canados Oceanic 140 SUV was born out of a single idea: combining the transoceanic yacht package and capacity with high-speed performance and reduced operating costs.

In order to address fuel economy, Canados shipyard has commissioned to Auxilia to equip the 140 SUV with the AUXILIA Electric Propulsion System, consisting of an Auxilia electric motor that can be used as an alternative to the main diesel. The Auxilia electric motor’s applied through PTI connection on pod propulsion REINTJES FORTJES, connected with a diesel engine. Oceanic 120 1

The auxiliary propulsion system has thus all the advantages of electric propulsion (reduced noise and vibration, low fuel consumption at low speed, minimal emissions, excellent manoeuvrability etc.), without complications or excessive costs.

The 140 SUV power is delivered by three engines, coupled to 5000 series REINTJES FORTJES pods with counter-rotating propellers. Two additional Auxilia electric motors allow her to navigate in diesel-electric configuration at 8 knots, thanks to her “displanning” twin stepped hull equipped with a bow bulb. When the owner wishes however, he can run his yacht on conventional diesel power at speeds ranging up to 27 knots. 


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  • Architecture with AC-bus

  • Pods REINTJES FORTJES 5000 series with counter-rotating propellers

  • Electric motors patented by AUXILIA with frequency converters and filters