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WIDER 165'


Wider Yachts has begun construction of its newest and largest megayacht, the Wider 165. Constructed in aluminium, the elegant silhouettes of WIDER 165 were created by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with Tilli Antonelli and the Wider design team. 165 2

The beating heart of the WIDER 165 superyacht project is its diesel-electric propulsion system, which guarantees hugely reduced fuel consumption and nearly unprecedented range. To achieve this, the traditional engine room has been replaced by two separate units, the Power Generator Room in the bow and a Technical Room with a LiPo battery pack in the stern. Thereby leaving the heart of the vessel free for larger, more comfortable guest cabins.

The overall propulsion system is completely modular, so the superyacht can cruise using only the battery packs, in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode), or with up to four inline diesel generators. This means it can cruise at a higher range of speeds while continuing to enjoy limited specific consumption.

Wider shipyard has also commissioned Auxilia to equip WIDER 165 with the same AUXILIA Main Electric Propulsion System on the WIDER 150, with electric motor which works as main motor and the steerable pod for the propulsion. 



  • Architecture with DC-bus and automation

  • Frequency converters for the electric motors

  • Variable speed generator sets and frequency converters

  • Redundant grid connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters

  • Redundant on-board connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters

  • Frequency converter for bow thruster application

  • Pods VETH VZ450-CR *