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BENETTI Tradition Supreme 108

benetti top

Benetti presented to the market the new 33-meters Tradition Supreme 108, first of three models under construction belonging to the range Class Displacement, baptized as My Paradis. This motor yacht is characterized by stylistic and technical elements that emphasize innovation adopted by Benetti.

benetti bigIt’s possible to see this aspect in the decision to install a new Hybrid Propulsion System on board delivered by AUXILIA, that allows to navigate in addition to the traditional main engines, also using two electric motors with power of 35 KW, connected directly to the hybrid REINTJES gearboxes of the diesel-electric propulsion. The electric motors are powered directly from gensets that allow to navigate at 6 knots with excellent fuel economy (30 liters/h), low emissions and faster accelerations. This solution also allows to navigate minimizing noise and vibrations and maximizing the comfort. The captain has confirmed that the transition from diesel to diesel-electric takes place in automatic way and in a few seconds.



  • Reintjes Hybrid System gearboxes with PTI and Electric motors 35kW continuous power, liquid cooled

  • Frequency converters for the electric motors

  • Automation system fully integrated with the yacht standard system

  • Remote controls (levers) for diesel and electric propulsion