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emotion55 bow

Presented by Admiral Tecnomar at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show, the E-motion superyacht series was born out of a belief that the yachts of today should have a modern look and they have to give to the owner maximum comfort, great autonomy, higher maneuverability and lower operational costs.emotion55 stern

In order to achieve this parameters, the shipyard Tecnomar has commissioned to Auxilia to equip the Admiral E-motion 55 with the AUXILIA Electric Propulsion System, consisting of an electric motor that can be used in alternative to the main diesel engine, acting on the same shaft and on the same propeller. The auxiliary propulsion system consists mainly of an electric motor which is solid mounted with the diesel engine housing. The boat with AUXILIA system can reach good performances (about 10 knots) also with smaller power (about 6-8% of the power of main diesel engine). Further when the main engines are ON the electric motors can work as a shaft generators.

Auxilia is required by the client because this installation of an electric auxiliary propulsion system allow to obtain:

  • Comfort: use of electric propulsion to reduce noise and vibration
  • Economic navigation at low speed
  • Minimal emissions through catalyzed gensets or batteries and significantly CO2 reduction
  • Shaft generation for the on board electric demand


  • Architecture with DC-bus and automation

  • 150kW Electric motors patented by AUXILIA and frequency converters

  • Variable speed generator sets and frequency converters

  • Redundant grid connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters

  • Redundant on-board connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters