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W150 1 -23-01-2014-8d226fbf94

Wider, an Italian yacht builder established in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli, has begun construction in Ancona of the WIDER 150 superyacht. The WIDER 150’s all-aluminum design is by naval architect Fulvio di Simoni, who has been behind successful Pershing models since the mid-1980s.

The innovative soul of the WIDER 150 project is indicated in the concept of energy saving which finds expression in the use of a diesel-electric propulsion system combined with the aluminium hulls. A high speed performance coexists with very low consumption and an outstanding range. W1502

One of the most innovative feature of the WIDER 150 is the engine room. Traditional yacht located the engines and machinery in the middle of the vessel, the widest, most spacious and really the best part of the hull. System of WIDER 150 uses diesel-electric propulsion and has not need fixed propeller shaft. So the engine room can be located in the bow, keeping noise and vibration away from the other and living he best and most special part of the yacht for his guests.

Wider shipyard has commissioned Auxilia to equip the WIDER 150 with the AUXILIA Main Electric Propulsion System, consisting mainly of an electric motor which works as main motor, instead of the diesel engine. The electric motor is mounted on the propeller train and it takes electric power from the gensets (or batteries). The steerable pod has also been equipped, to benefit of these advantages: vibrations are reduced (even when reversing), handling is ultra-smooth, no rudders are needed and draft is minimal. 



  • Architecture with DC-bus and automation

  • Frequency converters for the electric motors

  • Variable speed generator sets and frequency converters

  • Redundant grid connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters

  • Redundant on-board connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters

  • Frequency converter for bow thruster application

  • Pods VETH VZ450-CR *