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This high technology hybrid sailing yacht of about 44m is designed to sail around the world with uncompromising performance combined with timeless appeal. Initially the boat was supposed to be longer but, contrary to what usually happens, the dimensions were reduced during the design phase, to the advantage of performance and seaworthiness. Extensive research has been carried out to contain the weights and at the same time obtain a pleasant and spacious environment, three different covered areas and a very sophisticated system for handling the sails. The sail area / displacement ratio is higher than that of maxi-yachts of a similar category .

The Auxilia supply is the technological heart of this jewel and gives the possibility to use the electric auxiliary propulsion for high comfort and zero emission sailing when taking energy from the lithium battery.

The comfort of the battery powered electric system is appreciated both in navigation both at anchor and the friendly HMI (human machine interface) makes it easy and immediate for the crew to use all the functions.


This installation of our electric auxiliary propulsion system allow to obtain:

  • Comfort: use of electric propulsion to reduce noise and vibration
  • Zero emission when using the electric propulsion with battery
  • Shaft generation for the on board electric demand and fast battery recharge



  • Architecture with DC-bus
  • PMS – power management system

  • 60kW Electric motors/generators and frequency converters

  • 120kW Variable speed generator sets and frequency converters

  • 122kWh Lithium NMC battery packs

  • Frequency converters for bow/stern thruster and sail hydraulic motors

  • Redundant grid connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters

  • Redundant on-board connection with transformer, filters and frequency converters

  • REINTJES reduction reverse light weight hybrid gearboxes with special PTO/PTI system for hybrid operation