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HYBRID MOTOR YACHT 100’ (under construction)

The project is extremely challenging as it is a motor yacht with high speed performance required in diesel mode from which derives the creation of a hull with very limited interior spaces. This involved a customization of our Hybrid Kit in order to adapt the system to the construction by giving added value without penalizing the performance in diesel mode.

The result is a splendid boat with different operating modes depending on the owner's requests.

The Auxilia supply includes the management of all the electrical power and energy on board and gives the possibility to use the electric auxiliary propulsion for high comfort and zero emission sailing when taking energy from the lithium battery.

The variable speed gensets have less weight and dimensions of standard ones and a better efficiency and lower noise due to the optimization of rotating speed governed by the PMS.

The comfort of the battery powered electric system is appreciated both in navigation both at anchor with the friendly HMI (human machine interface) that makes it easy and immediate for the crew to use all the functions.


This installation of our electric auxiliary propulsion system allow to obtain:

  • Comfort: use of electric propulsion to reduce noise and vibration
  • Zero emission when using the electric propulsion with battery
  • Shaft generation for the on board electric demand and fast battery recharge



  • Architecture with AC-bus

  • PMS – power management system

  • 60kW Electric motors/generators and frequency converters

  • 80kW Variable speed generator sets and frequency converters

  • 122kWh Lithium NMC battery pack

  • Redundant on-board connection with filters and frequency converters

  • Shore power connection with filters and frequency converters