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Three vessels are under construction at Giacalone Shipyard for Navigazione Laghi; each vessel is designed for 250 passenger and it will operate on a different lake: Maggiore, Garda, Como.

Each hybrid vessel is propelled by two azimuthal system with 220 kW electric motors, which are powered by two 122kWh of lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged with shore power or diesel generators on board the ship.

The operating modes are: zero emission (energy from battery) and diesel-electric (energy from on board diesel gensets).

Near to the harbor and during the boarding of passengers the ship will operate only on battery electric power. Then, during the sailing to the next harbor, the energy for propulsion and battery re-charge will be given by the diesel gen-sets.

RTN/Auxilia includes in the supply also the PMS (Power Management System) with all the control logic of the hybrid operating modes.


  • 2x 220kW Propulsion azimuthal thruster with double propeller and remote control system

  • 2x 220kW high efficiency propulsion electric motor and electric cabinet with frequency converter and filter

  • 2x 122kWh Lithium battery pack and electric cabinet with frequency converter and filter

  • 2x PMS Power Management System